West Java Tour Package 2020

5th Days West Java Tour

The 5th West Java Tour Package below on Java are examples of tours and routes across West Java, which we ourselves find very beautiful.

It is of course always possible to let us adopt these Java tours to your wishes.

Be inspired by the following range of journeys on Java.

Bored with the busy atmosphere of a big city? in 2020 we will take you to escapes from the traffic jam to a friendly and unspoiled small-town atmosphere.

You will be taken to fresh nature, meet directly with the villagers, get to know the simple life of the village community and enjoy the fresh air of the village.

The best destination in 2020 you will never forget, other than vi

siting volcanoes, visiting Talaga Bodas Lake and enjoying the local culture that you will not find in your country.

west java tour

Stay in a hotel that is very thick with a rural atmosphere and then visits this beautiful waterfall in West Java that you will not find if you only go to Bandung.

Leave early morning to get the sunrise above the volcanic peaks and edelweiss flower beds, then see an active crater and some interesting craters and caves up there.

The next day you can visit the rice field dike and see the local people working directly in their fields in a way that is still simple.

west java tour package


You can join them, help them work on their fields, or you can try riding a buffalo when you come at the right time, Interesting isn’t it?

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If you go with your family or children, this is a good time to introduce them to nature, with the simplicity and the charm of the local population.

West Java Tour Package

We will not take you to where tourists go or to a place that is profitable for our guide or driver. Your satisfaction is our goal and therefore our program is only for those of you who want to travel without interruption from other tourists.

Hotel and itinerary programs will be sent via email when you request by sending your biodata later, to avoid duplication of programs by irresponsible parties.

We will not elaborate here, you can see reviews from tourists who have tried our program on TripAdvisor or our Google review.