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Toyota Innova

Item Code: 88-6715
Rp 650000

For those of you who need a minivan for 2 to 6 passengers, we provide a comfortable vehicle for that, Toyota Innova that is environmentally friendly, safe and free for your needs, with double air conditioning, so that makes your trip comfortable.

The Luxury vehicles that are available to us are vehicles that are suitable for tourists, tourists’ comfort and safety is our concern.
Smooth vehicle body, interior and facilities will not make you regret, you can compare with other rental vehicles or online taxis that carry different passengers every day.

Similar vehicles to the Toyota Innova with the shape and capacity of the passenger seats that we provide:


Calendar & Prices



  • Car with Driver ( 1 Day Bandung Side, Tour, Shopping, and Golf)
  • Fuel
  • Tol
  • Parking Outside Tourists Attraction
  • Driver Meals


  • Car Entrance of Tourists Attraction’s
  • Your Personal Expenses
  • Driver Tip

Questions & Answers

Do you speak English?

Yes, our drivers and guides have the ability to speak English, Arabic, German and Dutch.

Yes, our drivers and guides have the ability to speak English, Arabic, German, Japanese and Dutch.
You can request us drivers in what language you want to accompany you during your trip because we understand the language is important in communicating in addition to understanding road routes and driving attitude.

Why do you offer prices above other travel prices in Bandung?

Actually the price we offer is the normal price, with the price of a new car rental, fuel, and experienced driver and parking and tolls.
Our price includes the furthest tour in the city of Bandung at no additional cost.
You are allowed to complain to us if the driver asks for money on the way for any reason.