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Things To Do In Bandung Tourism 2019

Things To Do In Bandung

If you have a plan, take a Bandung tourism, you already know which places you will visit, of course, in our Bandung package, there is a Bucket List that you want to go to, but there is no mistake we share it what things to do in Bandung tourism 2019.

Arrival in Bandung And The state of Bandung city

When you arrive in Bandung, make sure you already know what vehicle to use to take you to your destination later. if you are going to take a taxi, make sure you know the appropriate charge to the destination.

If you have already booked your tour and travel services, you have also confirmed with them your arrival time and clearly ask who will pick you up later at the airport. Don’t look confused when you exit the airport door, you should look calm and immediately contact the information center if you need help.

Make sure you have book a hotel that is not too far from your destination in Bandung, considering the crowded conditions of Bandung city will make you longer on the trip.

Maybe you will be visited even offered a taxi to take you to your destination or if you want there now there are online taxis and you can order at the counter that has been provided by the airport.

Hotel And Shopping center

You have to prepare your trip to Bandung carefully, your program must be right if you don’t want to be stuck in traffic on the trip. Discuss everything with a travel agent, starting from you arriving in Bandung, when the tour starts, and pick-up time. ask for advice that is in accordance with the road conditions, you should ask everything carefully.

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If your tour starts on weekends, prepare to get stuck in traffic on the road, but there is no need to worry you just have to leave earlier than the hotel, and if possible avoid going to north Bandung on weekends because it will be very crowded, and ticket prices will differ from normal days.

If you are going to go shopping center or go to a factory outlet in Bandung, be careful with pickpockets, even though you are in a large store that is always monitored by CCTV. If you are looking for items at the factory outlet, you must be careful about buying these items, sometimes some of the items on display are slightly torn or there are loose stitches.

If you want a locally made item with good quality and cheap prices, you can go to a new market, because all goods produced in West Java must be sold here.


Tourist Attraction

One things to do in Bandung tour

pick strawberry things to do in Bandung tour
 things to do in Bandung Tours
One thing to do in Bandung Tours
A tour to the south of Bandung must be a part of your list because the atmosphere of southern Bandung is still natural compared to other areas in Bandung, there are big and beautiful tea plantations and amazing white craters which are always the main destination for tourists to come to Bandung. South Bandung tour offers natural beauty that is still natural and cool.

Don’t forget to visit the Rengganis crater to see the river of hot water, you can soak your feet and body in hot water and smear your whole body with sulfur mud which is good for your skin. 

Don’t miss to see the beautiful strawberry plantations, which are planted in the local plantation along the road in South Bandung. You will also see many wild coffee plantations on the side of the road. If you want to know about coffee, you can ask your driver to visit the biggest coffee plantation and someone there will tell you about the coffee process from the start until it becomes good coffee.

the trip to south Bandung will take around 2 hours drive from the city depending on where your hotel is.

  • Entrance Ticket White Crater: Rp 75.000/ person
  • Shuttle White Crater: IDR 20,000 / person or Private car: IDR 150,000 / car
  • Patenggang Lakeside: Rp. 20,000 / person
  • Coffee Plantation trip: 100.000/person ( Coffee education, Process, and Manual brew )
  • Rengganis Crater: Free until the present
  • Ticket Pick Strawberry Entrance: IDR 10,000 / person and weight per kg: IDR 80,000 / kg

The tour in the North side of Bandung and West side of Bandung is a long tour and should be done on a 2-day tour because the many interesting places that you would like to visit.

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The main destination north of Bandung is the Tangkuban Parahu Volcano, there are 3 craters formed by a volcanic eruption thousands of years ago.

The first is Ratu Crater, this crater is the largest crater from the other three craters, forming a deep depth so you can only see it from above. 

The second is the Domas crater, this is a crater that is still active, with still hot steam emitted from the ground, and makes the surrounding water into boiling water. And the last crater is Upas Crater, this crater is only a Sahara desert that is dry with white sand due to volcanic eruptions. 

Destination in North Bandung is Tangkuban Perahu Volcano, Orchid forest, Maribaya Lodge, Maribaya forest, Dago Dream Park, Floating Market, Dusun Bambu, Farmhouse and 3D art Museum.

West Bandung is the most developed area in tourism and plantations.

  • Tangkuban Parahu Ticket Entrance: Rp. 200,000 / person (weekday)
  • Rp. 300,000 / person (weekend)
  • Entrance Ticket Orchid Forest: Rp.100.000/person
  • Ticket Floating Market Entrance: IDR 20,000 / person
  • Entrance Ticket Farm House: Rp 25.000/person
  • Entrance Ticket Lodge Maribaya: Rp 25.000/person and an extra ticket per photo stand
  • Entrance Ticket Maribaya forest: IDR 100,000 / person
  • Entrance Ticket Dago dream Park: Rp 25.000/person and an extra ticket per photo stand
  • Entrance Ticket Farmhouse: Rp. 20,000 / person
  • Dusun Bambu Entrance Ticket: Rp. 25,000 / person
  • prices above can change at any time without prior notice


That’s some of the things to do in Bandung, Bandung has many beautiful hidden places and is not reviewed on the website or offered by travel agents.

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To find out all the places you want to visit, you have to ask local people or ask your driver who understands all the best places in Bandung and deserves a visit.

You can also discuss with Javatriplus Bandung to get information about all local hidden  tourist attractions within their tour packages so that your trip to Bandung will not be in vain and get a pleasant experience. Contact us. 

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