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Pick-up and Drop-off Transfer Bandung Services

Bandung Transport Service | Pick-up and Drop-off Bandung Transport 

Pickup and Drop-off in Transfer Bandung Services
Pick-up and Drop-off Bandung Transport

Enjoy safe travel from the (Husein Sastranegara International Airport or Bandung Train Station) to your hotel with Our Inclusion Package, We will handle care your Pick-up and Drop-off  Transfer Bandung Transport as Our main Services.

To reach the city of Bandung easily you have to know the traffic situation from where you came from, if you from abroad you can fly directly to Bandung airport, if from your country no direct plane to Bandung, you are forced to go down in Jakarta, but do not try to use the car to get to Bandung !! you will feel like in hell during the trip to Bandung, yes .. travel will take more than 6 hours ..
cultivated before you depart have booked a train ticket for the Jakarta to Bandung, you can book your online ticket from your country and adjust it with your arrival time in Jakarta and 2 hours from the airport to Jakarta train station, from the airport many buses to the Jakarta train station.
For the train schedule trip from Jakarta to Bandung, you can check and book online at https://kai.id/

After traveling by plane or train exhausting from your place, you do not have to worry because of Our Staff Will Pick-up and waiting for you at the Bandung Airport or Train Station.

Transfer In & Out Service Bandung To Jakarta

If you have trouble or run out of tickets to go to Bandung or return to your hometown, we provide transfer in and Out services Bandung to Jakarta for your needs. usually on holiday days, public vehicles will be sold out, you must anticipate that before deciding to go to Bandung.

The trip from Bandung to Jakarta or vice versa is only 120 km away but can take approximately 3-4 hours. with the condition of the 120 km toll road that is always jammed it will make you frustrated when you bring a private car from Jakarta.

Also for tourists who want to come to Bandung and there are no flights directly to Bandung, we can pick you up at Soekarno-hatta Jakarta airport or at hotels in Jakarta. We provide transport according to your needs, both small cars and vehicles that match the amount you need.

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Bandung To Pangandaran Transport

For those of you who want to continue the journey from Bandung to other places, such as Pangandaran and do not have transport, we can take you to get there. 

Besides traveling directly to Pangandaran, you can visit tourist attractions that are between Bandung and Pangandaran, such as the cities of Garut and Tasikmalaya which are no less beautiful than Bandung.

Bandung to Pangandaran Transport with us will be more fun because you will not be bored on a long journey because we will invite you to visit and through beautiful tourist attractions such as Cangkuang Temple, Mount Papandayan and Kampung Naga.

Unlike using tiring and tedious public transport during the 6-hour trip to Pangandaran, you are free to stop anywhere you want to rest or when you want to stop when you see the sights that interest you during the trip.

And in the end in Pangandaran we will take you to the hotel you have booked or we help you get a hotel that suits your taste.

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Bandung To Yogyakarta Transport

Currently, the trip from Bandung to Yogyakarta can be via the toll road with a shorter time than through the usual road, 6 hours by train and 9 hours by car, and you will go through several places that have interesting sights if you use private cars.

some of the places you will go through are, Garut (Mount Papandayan, Cangkuang Temple), Tasikmalaya (Mount Galunggung), Wonosobo (Mount Dieng), Semarang (A lot of Sightseeing) and Yogyakarta.

You can visit all the places above when traveling to Yogyakarta if you use a private vehicle or rent a vehicle with Javatriplus which is already experienced in touring on the island of Java.

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Our Transportation

Our transportation is the best in Bandung and has a wide range, not only in Bandung but in other regions in Java and Bali.

Even though our main service is in Bandung, we can deliver and pick you up from anywhere you want at the best and reasonable price. The main advantages of our services include the best and most comfortable vehicles and the best drivers who are experienced and speak English well.

For long trips, we recommend that you use a good and new vehicle, so it does not cause problems during your trip. You can request detailed information for the vehicle that you will use with our staff. We will be very happy if you convey all your wishes and we can fulfill them.

We provide private vehicles according to the number of seats you need and the comfort of your trip. we rent vehicles from brands that have guaranteed reliability in the world, and we guarantee experienced drivers to take your trip.

Some vehicle rental options that we offer to include; Bandung Rent car (Toyota Avanza, Toyota Innova and Toyota Rush) for 4-5 Seats, Premium Rent Car (Toyota Innova Reborn, Hyundai H1, Toyota Alphard) for best Class Cars, Rent Hiace Bandung and Minibus (Toyota Hiace, Isuzu Dutro) for up to 14 seats.

all of our services are included with the best driver and fuel, you no longer need to spend more money on your trip later, because we have calculated everything. and the prices we offer include Bandung Transport Pick-up and Drop-off and tours at once.