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Pangandaran Tour Package | Bandung Combine Tour Package

Bandung – Pangandaran Tour

Pangandaran Tour has plenty of cool tourist spots, ranging from cultural sites, historical sites, spot photos of contemporary images, to the waterfall is very pampering the eyes and you should immediately explore.

Pangandaran is a Regency in West Java, This district has a million charms and the panorama of the amazing nature of the Beach and there are still many hidden, so there are still many people who do not know the beauty and cool places in Pangandaran.

Explore the unique Pangandaran Tour outside the tourist trail. Enjoy the extra-ordinary fresh air outside the room while experiencing the beauty of nature and culture in this coastal area in West Java. Feel the beautiful and unique nature of Java, feel the hospitality of the locals and explore the natural beauty of the island:

  • Forests
  • Volcanoes
  • Beaches
  • Mountains
  • Rice fields
  • Plantation
  • Traditional villages
  • Traditional dances, and
  • Food Refreshing West Java nature tour for anyone.

otherwise, just go explore!!

Pangandaran Destination

  1. Green Canyon
Pangandaran Tour
Green Canyon In Pangandaran Tour

2. Rafting Citumang

Pangandaran Tour
Citumang Pangandaran Tour

3. Taringgul Waterfalls

Pangandaran Tour
Taringgul Waterfalls Pangandaran Tour

4. Batu Kalde Sites

Pangandaran Tour
Batu Kade Pangandaran Tour

5. Sutra Raregan Cave

Pangandaran Tour
Sutera Pangandaran Tour

6. West Pangandaran Beach

Pangandaran Tour
Beach of  Pangandaran Tour

7. Batu Karas Beach

Pangandaran Tour Package
Explore Pangandaran Tour in Batu Karas

8. Biking Tour


Pangandaran Tour Package

Adventure Tour

  • Green Canyon Body Rafting
  • Ciwayang Body Rafting
  • Citumang Body Rafting
  • Jojogan Body Rafting
  • Goa Lanang River Tubing
  • Santirah River Tubing

Special Interest

  • Traditional Hog Hunting
  • Caving Geopark Pangandaran
  • Pangandaran Art and Culture Tourism

Water Sport

  • Surfing Course Batu karas
  • Snorkeling Trip

Honeymoon Package

  • 2D1N Honeymoon Package
  • 3D2N Honeymoon Package

Group And Company

  • 1 Day Pangandaran Tour Package
  • 2D1N Pangandaran Tour Package
  • 3D2N Pangandaran Tour Package
  • 4D3N Pangandaran Tour Package
  • Pangandaran Package + Bus Start From Bandung

Our Example Itinerary

1. Pangandaran Today there is a short distance away, traveling by train from Bandung or Jakarta to the City of Sidareja or Banjar then taking a private car to Pangandaran.
Pangandaran is a small fishing village that is popular with visitors who are looking for a beach escape.

2: Pangandaran Start a tour around the local, village, home industry on a cycling tour through the rice fields and villages around Pangandaran.

3: Green Canyon Embark on a white water rafting adventure outside Pangandaran today.

4: Batukaras, This beach is a favorite for beginner surfers, has waves that are not too high, making it easier for every tourist who wants to try and learn to surf.

Pangandaran beach is the right choice for you who want to visit the beach in West Java with many interesting places to visit.

Pangandaran Rental Car and Transportation

Pangandaran Tour Package
Green Canyon in Pangandaran Tour Package

Besides taking you on a trip from Bandung or Jakarta to Pangandaran, We also provide tour packages for those of you who use public transportation to Pangandaran or also you who are already in Pangandaran and need a tour guide and its transportation.

Pangandaran tour packages that we provide include Pangandaran exploration with destinations Pangandaran Beach, Batu Karas Beach, Batu Nunggul, Green Canyon and nature reserves.

Pangandaran water sports located in Pangandaran Beach, Batu Karas Beach, Batu Nunggul, Green Canyon, Santirah Body Rafting and Nature Reserves.

All of the above destinations we provide with various facilities that you will need such as; Car and Driver with or without a guide, hotel accommodation, boat, snack box, rental, and rafting equipment set.

The guide who will accompany you is also a guide who is very familiar with the terrain and of course, is a local people from Pangandaran who have an original license from the government, so you don’t have to worry about getting lost or will be deceived by our guide.

We also provide a honeymoon tour package for those of you who want to spend time alone with your partner privately, as well as a vehicle package that can take you to the place you want.


Pangandaran Rental Car
Pangandaran Rental Car

For those of you who also want to vacation in the Pangandaran Tour Package with your family or your friends, we provide packages that we can offer with a budget in accordance with what you have.

You only need to contact us and we will give you an appropriate offer and it will not be too expensive for you and there is no hidden charge on your trip later.

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Bandung and Pangandaran
Pangandaran Tour has plenty of cool tourist spots, ranging from cultural sites, historical sites, spot photos of contemporary images, to the waterfall is very pampering the eyes and you should immediately explore.