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Java Bali Overland Tour | Long Journey in Java

Java-Bali Overland tour

A Java Bali Tour is a tourist journey using land transportation and travels more than 2 -3 cities even up to tens of days. unlike a city tour that only passes one area in a day, overland tour passes more places you never knew before in your country.

Not only the nature of it, but you will also feel the daily life of diverse society, the language and daily Indonesian society in every region, and feel the difference, it will all make you amazed.

Java island is a very big island with different customs in each region. with the overland tour, you can get everything in one trip.

Jakarta-Bogor Destination


Java Bali Tour
Java Bali Tour

Starting from the island of western Java, you will be picked up at the  Soekarno-Hatta Jakarta Airport, then you will be invited to see the beauty of the big city Jakarta which as the capital of the state of Indonesia.

You will be picked up from the airport and taken to your hotel in Jakarta. The journey takes at least an hour, but there is often traffic jam; it can become longer.

You leave the capital and drive to Bogor in about 2 hours. On the way you can visit Taman Mini (small Indonesia), then the travel time is, of course, a bit longer. Taman Mini is on the route.

Continued driving to the city of Bogor, where the city has high rainfall and has several historical sites which are long in the Dutch colonial era, then the journey continues to the city of Bandung through the top of the mountain that has a famous tea garden in western Java.

Bogor-Bandung Destination

In the city of Bandung you will be greeted by the cool air there and the friendliness of the Sundanese people, Bandung has beautiful places such as Mount Tangkuban Parahu, a white crater, lake Patenggang, crater Domas, Rengganis crater and many more places that will satisfy your trip.

Java Bali Tour
Java Bali Tour

Pangandaran-Yogyakarta Destination

After enjoying the cool city of Bandung you will continue the journey to the east of the city of Pangandaran, there you will get a different atmosphere with Bandung surrounded by mountains, now you will see the beach along the journey in Pangandaran.

There you can enjoy the beauty of some beaches and do underwater exploration, the next day you continue the journey to the city of Yogyakarta approximately 8 hours drive from Pangandaran.

Java Bali Tour
Pangandaran Destination Java Bali Tour

Yogyakarta is one of the points of pride of the people of Indonesia because it still has a king and a kingdom that still leads to this day.

You can visit the kingdom there, see performances of wayang Kulit, dance Ramayana, and visit the temple which became the 7th wonder of the world that is Borobudur temple, as well as some temples that are not less beautiful than Borobudur.

Like Prambanan temple, Mendut temple, etc. You also can see Batik making process, silver jewelry, and tour in Mount Merapi.

Java Bali Tour
Java Bali Tour

Malang-Banyuwangi Destination

in Java Bali Overland Tour after a lot of time spent in Yogyakarta City, the journey continued to solo city, there are many interesting places to be visited such as Sukuh temple, Ceto temple and overnight stay in cold region Sarangan.

The journey continues to east Jawa island next is Malang, there you will be welcomed the majestic Mount Bromo is famous in the world, you will witness this gallant mountain where while watching the sun rising right in front of your eyes, then you will travel to Kalibaru city.

There are many rubber plantations that once planted by the first Englishman in Indonesia, then you will be invited to the plantation and introduced with many spice plants that were often contested by European and American countries or also you can see the turtle breeding.

Then proceed to the city of Banyuwangi exactly Ketapang the most eastern city of Java island, from there you will visit Ijen crater on midnight, there is a blue flame crater in Indonesia only and the only one in the world, until here you must prepare yourself to cross using ferry boat to the island of Bali.

after anchored on the island of Bali you will continue the journey to the area Lovina Bali, here you will be invited to swim with the dolphins in the sea off, the next trip continued to the city of Bali.

Bali is very much a beautiful area choice for your stay, there Sanur, beach Kuta, Ubud, and others as you wish, from Bali you can continue the journey to the island of Lombok.

You can continue by car or directly be using jetfoil to get there, in Lombok many more beautiful beaches to visit even if you want you can climb the highest mountain there is mount Rinjani.

Java Bali Tour
Java Bali Tour

Quotation Java-Bali Overland Tour

That’s the Java Bali overland tour itinerary you can do with us, it’s all you can change according to your wishes and the cost you have, only before you decide to take this overland tour.

You must really prepare your physical and your time because this is a long but exciting journey that you will never imagine before.

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