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Overland Java-Bali Island Package 2020


Overland Java Bali  Tour Package

Java Bali Overland Tour package
Java Bali Overland Tour package

Java Bali tour Package is a tourist long-trip between two islands and several cities that are tourist destinations and witness several different cultures and customs in each city in Java-Bali.

Even though it looks far and tiring but this trip is very impressive for those of you who have never come to Java-Indonesia, you will find a variety of customs and cultures that are diverse in one island that you will go through with us, for that you must prepare something carefully before traveling this overland.

In addition to the large costs, you also need good physical stamina. but all your fatigue will be paid for by the sights and impressive experiences in every place you will visit, and you will never feel in any country.

You will visit the world’s largest temples, amazing big craters, visit villages and see for yourself the daily life of the people up close, enjoy the sunrise over the big mountain peak of Bromo, see from near the blue flame of Ijen crater, and tour into rubber and coffee plantations, and other experiences in one trip.

The following is information on some cities that you will visit when doing this tour:


Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia. In Dutch time, the city was called Batavia. Especially on the north side of the city, there are many memories of the colonial past. It is very nice to visit the sights of Jakarta.

First to the sailing port Sunda Kelapa, in the old quarter of Batavia, where Makassarese ships are moored and where the goods are still being carried on and off by hand. Then to Fatahillah Square, a beautiful historic part of the city.

Here you can drink coffee at Café Batavia (pricey, but worth it because of the beautiful interior; you imagine yourself in the old days). You also drive past the historic Dutch warehouses.


Bogor is known for the Buitenzorg palace (can only be admired between the bars of the fence, you cannot enter it). You can view the world-renowned botanical garden. Local guides on the spot present themselves.

This garden has great educational value, many a school class in West Java visits the garden during a school trip. Recommended: to the workshop of the doll maker Pak Enday; he carves the beautiful wooden wayang Golek dolls.

Still, have time and sense? Then visit the workshop where you make gongs, real craftsmanship. Quite different is a visit to the Tahu factory.


Bandung is known for its many colonial houses (in several colonial neighborhoods) in Jugendstil and Art Deco. It used to be the beloved place of residence of the Dutch because of the cooler climate.

The Braga street used to be the most mundane street with chic clothing stores and beautiful restaurants, nowadays many art galleries are located here, with the most diverse paintings.

There are also many nice restaurants and bars on the Jalan Braga. Bandung is built on the bottom of a huge crater.

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Lembang – Bandung

Lembang is a cool area north of Bandung. If you do not want to stay in a busy city, this is a perfect alternative.

However, during the weekend there are many people from the city, then it is still busy! Lembang is located in the highlands (about 1400 meters), on the forested slope of the Tangkuban Prahu volcano.

Since the time of the Dutch, this place has been popular with tourists. Many houses and villas are built in the style of the colonial era, with masses of flowers and well-kept gardens in strange contrast with the tropical landscape.

The local fruit market in the city center, where a variety of fruit is offered, is definitely recommended. But the monastery and the Lembang Art shop are also nice visits.


Pangandaran is located at a nature reserve. It is a popular area for holidaymakers of all ages and descent. The headland where your hotel is located houses a few small hotels.

The beaches are not specifically intended for sunbathing holidaymakers but are used extensively by the fishermen for bringing in the catch.

Pangandaran is the gateway to the Cagar Alam Penanjung peninsula. At the point of this is a nature reserve. You can take beautiful walks here; it is very worthwhile.

There live wild animals such as deer, buffalo (bantengs) and flying dogs (kalongs), porcupines and especially many monkeys.

Pangandaran is a popular place to go on holiday to the locals. It can be very busy on weekends and public holidays. There are many shops for Asian tourists.


Baturaden is located at an altitude of 670 meters and is located on the slope of the volcano the Slamet. Mountain tops in the area reach an altitude of more than 3400 meters.

The climate is cool, the trees high, the earth fertile. You can walk into the nature reserve from your hotel.

Beautiful views are your reward. Be sure to visit the 7 sources. Water flows down from 7 openings (man’s height); this is a place of pilgrimage. Due to the sulfurous water, the rocks turn bright orange-yellow: a natural wonder.

Follow the path (along the spring water) down; You will see the orange-yellow color appear again and again. You enter a cave where the water flows in through an opening.

Here you can sit comfortably in your swimwear under the warm natural shower and enjoy.

Certainly, do! Assess whether you do this walk this afternoon or early tomorrow morning.


Wonosobo is a cool storage place and conveniently located for a trip to the Diëng Plateau (tomorrow morning).

An abundance of vegetables and tobacco are grown in the area around Wonosobo.


Jogyakarta is a very interesting and pleasant city. You can still see a relatively large number of becak’s (bicycle taxis) and Andongs (horse and carriage).

The Jalan Malioboro is the shopping street of the royal city. Many stalls and shops, especially in the evening it is cozy. After 9 o’clock the residents of Jogya come together to make music and eat on the street.

Be sure to visit the Keraton, the palace of sultan Hamengko Buwono X, an oasis of peace and beauty. You can drive here from the parking lot in a 15-minute bicycle taxi. Yogyakarta is also known for the artworks by the silversmiths and the beautiful hand-work in the batik factory.

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A visit to the batik district (narrow streets with many batik factory, very small-scale) and the silver district is definitely recommended. Quite different, but certainly interesting is a visit to the cigar factory Pt. Taru Martani.

Here you get a clear explanation about the process of making cigars. Tip: visit Puriwisata in the evening: you can enjoy a delicious Javanese dinner here and afterward witness a part of the Ramayana show (book through your driver or guide). There are sometimes dance or wayang performances in the Keraton.

You can inquire on-site whether there is a performance during your stay. Every day (except Sundays and public holidays) there is a wayang puppet show in the Sonobudoyo Museum. The show lasts from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Tawangmangu – Solo

Tawangmangu is located in the mountains, at an altitude of more than 1000 meters. It is a quiet village surrounded by a beautiful landscape.

Many people from Jogyakarta and Solo come here to spend their weekends. You can go hiking around Tawangmangu.

Fruit and vegetables are grown. There are temples and waterfalls in the area.


Blitar is located in the Arjuna hills. It is a busy, small typical Indonesian town. There are few foreign tourists, but all the more Indonesian tourists.

This is because the mausoleum of the first president of Indonesia, Sukarno, is nearby. It is a large and stately monument.

There is also a museum about Soekarno. However, the location is hardly specified, ask the locals where it is! The village of Bara is almost against Blitar, here you can see a beautiful statue of Ganesha, the Hindu elephant god.

There is a temple on the other side of the river. The Penataran temple complex in the area is very beautiful.

You will stay in the special hotel Tugu. The small Tugu chain with a few hotels and restaurants in Indonesia has a special history.

The wealthy owner of Tugu collected art and antiques. At one point he could no longer place all his acquisitions in his villa.

Moreover, he wanted to share this heritage with others. At first he thought of a museum, but eventually, he opened a hotel, where he used stuff from his own collection for the interior.

This went so well that several hotels and restaurants followed. Everything is equally beautiful. It still seems like a museum when you wander through a hotel or restaurant. In Blitar the Tugu chain has a small and not so often visited a hotel.

This hotel is easier than the other Tugu hotels.


Malang was a popular place of residence for planters in the colonial era, due to the cool climate.

It lies on a plateau surrounded by volcanoes. You can explore Malang on foot. The Balai Kota Malang, the town hall, is a good starting point. There are beautiful trees on the large, round square.

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You should definitely drink a Kopi (coffee) Tubruk in the famous restaurant Toko Oen, where times used to revive. You can also have a great lunch here.

Drive your van through the neighborhood, where the beautiful houses of the former colonials still stand. Even better is to take a tour through the old city center by becak (bicycle taxi).

You then drive past the church from the colonial era and past various old buildings. At Toko Oen, your driver is waiting again.

A colorful surprise in the village of Warni Warni, just south of Malang. The inhabitants of the poor and at that time rather gray kampung have been inspired by the favelas in Brazil and have painted their houses in various colors. An absolute must!


You will stay near the Ijen volcano, where a remote, beautiful and undiscovered resort is located.

In the garden of the resort, you have magnificent views to all sides. Sawah everywhere in this fertile area around the Ijen volcano.

Ijen is a great starting point for an excursion up the volcano with a crater with a brightly colored sulfur lake. If you want to book this excursion (at the hotel): arrange this upon arrival.

Tomorrow morning you will leave early, around 6 o’clock (still quite cool then). Along the way, you will see sulfur carriers carrying a lava rock down with a yoke on which buckets hang.

The tour is tough: about 2 hours of walking, quite a lot of climbing, but you can walk at your own pace, so it is possible for almost everyone with good condition. You can also take a night excursion.


Kalibaru is surrounded by plantations; the rustic village exudes a friendly atmosphere. A stay in Kalibaru is a special experience: you have never seen plant life so close before. Spices, in particular, are grown here in eastern Java.

Tip: get a nice massage here (arrow). A number of women from the village are very adept at this.

A warning: there are many mosques in Kalibaru. Wherever you stay, you will hear talks and a call to prayer. And this takes a long time in Kalibaru. Take earplugs for a long night’s rest.

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This journey is an example of what is possible in the overland  Java Bali Tour package Be inspired by this itinerary. Give us your personal ideas and we will gladly adapt the trip to your wishes. This trip has no fixed departure dates.

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