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One Day Trip To Kawah Putih ( Updated )

One Day Trip To Kawah Putih

One day trip to Kawah Putih is a pleasant choice when you want a different atmosphere from other places. The 2.5-hour journey from Bandung to the south will be fun for those of you who are used to living in big cities.

Kawah Putih is the most famous tourist attractions at South of Bandung, located at Patuha Mountain, Kawah Putih offer you beautiful natural tourist attractions with the main spot is a crater where you could enjoy beautiful crater with very close distance, taking beautiful landscape by the camera and some activities to get a memorable trip.

one day trip to kawah putih bandung
one day trip to Kawah Putih

Travel to Kawah Putih can be done easily from the city of Bandung with your own vehicle while using public transportation you have to use several times public transportation.

Kawah Putih Entrance Fee (updated 2019 )

Kawah Putih Entrance Fee 2019
Kawah Putih Entrance Fee 2019

We mentioned above to reach Kawah Putih or white crater (English) could be done easy from Bandung city and for one way trip to Kawah Putih require about 2 to 3 hours from Bandung City.

If you come from outside of the Bandung city or from another country you could use our package to help you to visit Kawah Putih and other tourist attractions located in this area.

Your 2.5-hour journey must be continued by using ontang-anting, a shuttle car that will take you to the White Crater area for about 15 minutes.

White Crater is above an altitude of 2,090 meters, so it is colder than the city of Bandung, the expanse of bluish sulfur water according to the weather at that time, became a beautiful view at the bottom of the crater.

Besides the view from below, for those of you who like hiking you can walk to the Sunan Ibu area, walk about 30 minutes and go up to about 15 minutes you are above the White Crater with a different view.

To get one day Bandung trip to Kawah Putih don’t hesitate to contact us to get itinerary & quotation our Kawah Putih tour package.

Kawah Putih spot located about 5 km from the entrance gate and to reach Kawah Putih spot from the main entrance gate could be done by a public transport and own vehicle.

If using our service you can decide using public transport or our vehicle from Kawah Putih entrance gate then if using public a public transport our driver would wait for you at Kawah Putih entrance gate.

Please noted to reach Kawah Putih spot by own vehicle requires entrance tickets fee for the vehicle.

Tourist attractions nearby Kawah Putih

In the one day trip to Kawah Putih with our package services, you not only could visit Kawah Putih but also our tourist attractions nearby such as glamping lakeside that offer you beautiful Patenggang landscape lake, beautiful tea plantation, Kawah Rengganis, strawberry farm and other places along the way from Bandung to Kawah Putih.

You also visit Coffee plantations managed by the Indonesian State Plantation, you can learn about the process of selecting good coffee to make a coffee bean that you can immediately enjoy on location.

Ranca Upas, one of the places you should not miss, there you can see camp locations and also deer breeding, directly adjacent to all deer is an interesting experience for you and your family.

Cimanggu hot spring is a soaking pool located near Kawah Putih, with hot tub facilities and resorts making your and your family’s rest different, because there you can book a private resort.

The Old Tea Factory from the Dutch Colonial is still used today, here you can see the process of making tea from the selection of tea leaves to packaging to be sent abroad.

one day trip to Kawah Putih
Walini Tea Plantation in one day trip to Kawah Putih

Our one-day Kawah Putih tour package is private tour so only your group in the vehicle and you will have flexibility time to visit each tourist attractions with no rush to leave the places. Want to get one Kawah Putih tour package? Please complete our one day trip to Kawah Putih form to get the right arrangement trip & vehicle.

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One day trip to kawah putih bandung could be done easy by our Bandung tour package. Not only visiting kawah putih but also tourist attractions nearby for example ranca bali tea plantation, glamping lakeside or patenggang lake, kawah rengganis, strawberry farm, ranca upas and other beautiful landscape at south bandung