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Land Tour Package In Bandung

Land Tour Package In Bandung

Land Tour Package In Bandung. Bandung is the third largest tourist city after Bali and Yogyakarta, Bandung City is a little lake surrounded by large mountains in West Java, in view of that Bandung’s climate is categorically cool compared to its next to cities.

Land Tour Package In Bandung always be the unusual of travelers to arrive to this pretty city, there are those who come because of the climate, culinary, tourist attractions or just shopping, whether it comes from Jakarta or supplementary cities and countries behind Malaysia, Singapore and Asian countries and Europe.

If you have never been to Bandung, we will manage to pay for a little version of the city of engagement in this article.

History of the City of Bandung

Bandung is located around 140 km east of the capital city of Jakarta, has a pinnacle of 600m above sea level bearing in mind an estimated 2.5 million inhabitants. The make known Bandung itself is taken from the lineage of the word Dam or Water Collected which means a DAM where water gathers from Mount.

In the past, the Dutch lived in the upper mountains to put up with care of the gardens of tea, coffee, and spices that they would sell to European countries and supplementary countries.

The city of Bandung was first made in the area of Dayeuh Kolot south of Bandung. There they bring agricultural produce, places to right to use markets and consequently on as the middle of the city of Bandung.

Until finally for reasons of flooding and finally, the city was moved to the middle of Bandung at this time. It was here that the Dutch East Indies organization began gigantic construction because it assumed that Bandung was unconditionally okay to become their capital after Batavia (Jakarta).

Bandung became a area for Dutch people to hoard every weekend to unwind after functional at their plantations.

The Dutch Building pedigree is currently a building that is preserved by the Bandung City running because it is a good tourism asset for the admin and tourists can enjoy its beauty at this time.

Travel to the city of Bandung

Many roads to get to the city of Bandung, for you local tourists can use public transportation such as trains, intercity buses, airplanes or also bring private vehicles.

It is simple for you to achieve this city, but it will be difficult subsequent to you are in the city of Bandung because the city’s streets are certainly small, and there are many roads that are lonesome one direction, if you use private vehicles it is better to use digital maps on your mobile.

substitute description if you rent a vehicle in Bandung, you don’t obsession to think just about traffic jams and the route to your destination.

Land Tour Package In Bandung, it will be easier if you have an itinerary or tour program that you have prepared before, because tourist attractions in Bandung are far away uncovered the city itself, and you have to know exactly where the area you desire to go is, in the south, north or West Bandung, because it will agree to period upon the vacation if you don’t understand the location map.

Bandung Tourist Attractions


 Land Tour Package In Bandung
Land Tour Package In Bandung


 Land Tour Package In Bandung
Land Tour Package In Bandung


 Land Tour Package In Bandung
Land Tour Package In Bandung


 Land Tour Package In Bandung
Land Tour Package In Bandung


 Land Tour Package In Bandung
Land Tour Package In Bandung


Bandung has hundreds of interesting tourist attractions and move on in several regions, we will divide according to the location of the district to relief you in choosing a one-way tourist destination as soon as your destination later;

North Bandung

North Bandung is a favorite area for local tourists to just acknowledge pictures and relax above the summit of the mountain north of Bandung, some tourist attractions that you can visit (taken from the farthest places) are:

  1. Perkebunan Buah Nanas-Subang
  2. Pemandian Air Panas-Ciater
  3. Perkebunan Teh Ciater-Subang
  4. Gunung Merapi Tangkuban Parahu-Lembang
  5. Bandung Tree-Top – Cikole
  6. Orchid Forest – Cikole
  7. Grafika – Cikole
  8. Penangkaran Kopi Luwak – Cikole
  9. Lembah Dewata
  10. Puncak Jayagiri

West Bandung

West Bandung is the largest place of Bandung regency next-door North Bandung and the most developed in the pitch of Tourism in the City of Bandung because many natural attractions are made here as a means of tourism for tourists visiting Bandung;

  1. Taman Safari – Cisarua
  2. Stone Garden – Citatah
  3. Goa Pawon – Citatah
  4. Dusun Bambu
  5. Lodge Maribaya – Cibodas
  6. Maribaya Waterfall – Cibodas
  7. Taman Hutan Maribaya or Djuanda – Cibodas
  8. The Ranch – Lembang
  9. Pusat Susu Segar – Lembang
  10. Tahu Susu – Lembang
  11. Floating Market – Lembang
  12. Farm House – Lembang
  13. Dago Dream Park – Lembang

South Bandung

South Bandung is the most pretty place in Bandung, the youngest district in Bandung continues to augment itself by prioritizing every its beauty, and maintaining its local wisdom to be an kinship that should not be missed by tourists from Indonesia and abroad;

  1. Kawah Rengganis – Cibuni Rancabali
  2. Situ Patenggang – Cibuni Rancabali
  3. Pabrik Teh Rancabali
  4. Perkebunan Teh Rancabali
  5. Pemandian Air Panas Walini
  6. Pemandian air panas Cimanggu
  7. Perkebunan Kopi Tjipelah
  8. Kampung Cai Ranca upas
  9. Ciwidey Valey
  10. Bamboobery – Petik Strawberry


Bandung City

  1. Upside Down
  2. Gedung Sate 
  3. Museum Merdeka
  4. Museum Purbakala Sribaduga
  5. Museum Geologi
  6. Saung Angklung Udjo
  7. Museum Pos
  8. 3D Amazing art World 
  9. Bukit Moko
  10. Tebing Keraton
  11. Dago Pakar

Those are some places that you can visit with colleagues or associates in Bandung, Land Tour Package In Bandung

Bandung Food Culinary Place

For food and culinary tourism, we will manage to pay for an overview of some places that have been viral and you must attempt their special foods;

  1. Mie Baso Lela – Dago
  2. Nasi Timbel – Jl Bawean
  3. Bakmi Ganteng – Jl Lombok
  4. Soto Gope – Jl Ambon
  5. Dendeng Botokok – Jl Ir H, Djuanda
  6. Bubur Gowes – Jl Dago Pakar
  7. Babakaran – Jl Ir H, Djuanda
  8. Ayam SPG – Jl Dipatiukur
  9. Cafe You – Jl Hasanuddin
  10. Sate Anggrek – Jl Anggrek

And actually there are many additional good food places in Bandung and are viral but it feels in the manner of it’s maintained and cheap.

Shopping and Souvenirs in Bandung

Bandung is a paradise for fashion fans in Indonesia because all kinds of fabrics are made in factories in Bandung, hence it’s simple to acquire all kinds of clothes in Bandung that are fine and cheap, some areas that sell clothes in Bandung besides Mall and center big shopping;

  1. Pasar Baru Trade Center – Jl Oto Iskandar Dinata
  2. Trunojoyo – Pusat Distro Bandung – Jl Trunojoyo
  3. Pusat Kaos Bandung  Eldorado – Jl Setiabudhi
  4. Pusat Batik Soga – Jl Setiabudhi
  5. Pusat Factory Outlet – Jl Riau
  6. Kampung Wayang – Jl Pasundan
  7. Pasar Cigondewah – Jl Cigondewah
  8. Kampung Seniman – Jl Tamansari
  9. Kampung Tahu – Jl Cibuntu
  10. Lotek Macan – Jl Macan
  11. Batagor Riri – Jl Malabar

Those are some special places that sell typical and cheap culinary in Bandung, you can attempt it yourself subsequent to you visit Bandung.

Driving Golf and Golf courses

Land Tour Package In Bandung.Bandung has some good places for those of you who with this sport, following its cold expose higher than the mountains and beautiful scenery of Bandung has become a favorite area for local and international golfers.

Dago Golf Course

Dago Golf Course is one of the oldest golf courses in Indonesia. DGC offers 18 public holes in a unique landscape of the North Bandung valley gone an altitude of 956-1,065 meters above sea level you can substitute a golf club taking into account no wind and mountainous atmosphere.

Mountain View Golf Club

fluctuation a golf club upon a green expanse later than a mountainous song can be found at Mountain View Golf Club, located in Dago Expert, here furthermore provides golf playing courses and plus prepares booking sheet facilities on its website. VIP rooms, rub rooms, restaurants, and golf equipment stores are plus available.

Bandung Indah Golf

Bandung Indah Golf, right after making Bandung, located in the South Bandung area. The place and services are gratifying for exercising as skillfully as eliminating fatigue, moreover playing golf here there are furthermore restaurants as a result you don’t have to make miserable very nearly going hungry after playing golf, there are furthermore massages and coffee shops.

Poltak Golf Course Lembang

Who doesn’t know how beauty Lembang is. Playing golf in Lembang is enjoying Lembang in supplementary ways. Poltak Golf Course Lembang can be a cool place to comport yourself golf.

Bandung Giri Gahana Golf & Resort

For residents of Bandung who are in eastern Bandung, don’t upset nearly not having the nearest Golf place, just to throw a tiny to Jatinangor you can find a gigantic expanse of grass. Bandung Giri Grahana Golf & Resort provides a vast expanse of grass to do something golf and as well as manageable extra services such as resorts and swimming pools.

Car Rental in Bandung

Javatriplus Tour And Travel Land Tour Package In Bandung provides several choices of vehicles for you to acknowledge a saunter in Bandung, subsequent to the availability of fleets and fine drivers making us begin to count up on the rental pedigree in Bandung.

Some vehicles that are ready for your rental are in accordance in imitation of the required capacity;

Small Cars:

  1. Honda Brio ( 3 Seater )
  2. Toyota Agya ( 3 Seater )
  3. Daihatsu Alya ( 3 Seater )
  4. Nissan March ( 3 Seater )

Medium Cars:

  1. Toyota Avanza  ( 5 Seater )
  2. Honda Mobilio ( 5 Seater )
  3. Suzuki APV ( 5 Seater )
  4. Daihatsu Xenia ( 5 Seater )
  5. Daihatsu Luxio ( 5 Seater )
  6. Toyota Innova ( 5 Seater ) Premium
  7. Toyota Innova Reborn ( 5 Seater ) Premium

Mini Van:

  1. Hyundai H1 or Starex ( 8 Seater )
  2. Elf Short ( 12 Seater )
  3. Elf Long ( 18 Seater )
  4. Toyota Hiace ( 14 Seater )

Mini Bus:

  1. Micro Bus  ( 32 Seater )

Big Bus:

  1. Jet Bus 1
  2. Jet Bus 2
  3. HDD Bus ( 50 Seater )
  4. Super High Deck Bus ( 50 Seater )


Toyota Avanza

Toyota Innova  

Toyota Innova re-born

Hyundai H1 or Starex

Toyota Hiace Commuter

Toyota Hiace Premio

Isuzu NLR 55 Long

Micro Bus Premium



5 seater

5 seater

5 seater

8 seater

14 seater

12 seater

19 seater

32 seater



per day tour in Bandung

Rp. 550.000


Rp. 900.000

Rp. 850.000 

Rp. 1.200.000


Rp. 1.300.000

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We are snobbish to be skillful to introduce tourist attractions in Indonesia to tourists who have arrive and it is our adherence to encouragement wholeheartedly as sons of the region, correspondingly we manage to pay for several tourism options in Bandung.

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