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Ask: Are there any age restrictions?

Answer: To participate in one of our tour or adventure holidays you need to be 18 years old or older. If you are under 18, you may still be able to participate but subject to being accompanied by a parent or guardian or a responsible adult. However, each child’s parent/guardian must make their own judgment on the suitability of the challenge and provide written permission for their child to participate. Please discuss with us your individual requirements.

Ask: What type of person do I have to be? I’ve never done anything like this before?

Answer: The main prerequisites are that you are flexible, open-minded, be able to ‘go with the flow’ and trust your local guide and tour escort and not be afraid to meet local people. In many of the countries, we visit things to do not work as efficiently and smoothly as you would expect in your Country. This can take some getting used to, particularly if you are not a very experienced traveler. Examples of situations you may not be used to include: a train might be delayed for an unknown period of time; you may have to take a detour on a trek to avoid a recent landslide; you are likely to have to share a sleeper train carriage with local people; you will always be followed by merchants at the sights and other things that will confuse you.

Ask: Will I find the tour difficult?

Answer: This greatly depends on the challenge itself. Most of our challenges are challenging by nature (as you would expect) but there are different levels of challenge throughout our tour options. For example, climbing Mount Papandayan, Bromo, Ijen, and Merapi is considered an extreme challenge as you will be dealing with very high altitude, trekking for many hours per day and it requires a person who is fit and healthy to participate. Conversely, on our Sahara challenge, you need to be able to trek up to 25km in one day but it doesn’t involve any altitude but there is the additional challenge of the extreme heat. It is difficult to grade each challenge because people react differently to particular aspects. For example, someone might love trekking at altitude but hate the heat – making the Sahara challenge much more difficult for that individual. In regards to assisting with a project, EVERYONE has something to offer! You don’t have to be a builder, carpenter, medic or teacher to help. Even such basic things as visiting an orphanage and spending time with the children will have a massive psychological benefit to those you visit. Every person will be a valuable asset to the project and every person has their part to play.

Ask: Are your volunteer holidays LGBT friendly?

Answer: We as a company dislike discrimination and prejudice in all forms and therefore lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender travelers are both welcome and made to feel welcome. Intolerance of a group member for any reason will not be tolerated and any LGBT person traveling with us will be treated with equal respect and courtesy as any other traveler. Any person traveling with us who has a contrary view will be expected to abide by the company view and refrain from words or actions that could lead to offense or insult against LGBT people. If needs are, this will be reiterated by a tour leader as per our terms and conditions of booking.

However, we ask for understanding that the culture and attitudes of some local people are not so gay-friendly, and LGBT people may feel uncomfortable in some environments. For further advice on particular destinations please ask us.

Ask: How fit do I need to be?

Answer: All our tours (apart from those which are project-only departures) require you to have a good level of general fitness to be able to cope with the physical challenge element of the itinerary. It is impossible to give a definitive guideline of how to fit you should be because one person’s fit is another person’s unit. Our trips have been graded to give you an idea of the difficulty of the challenge but it is generally expected that everyone who participates on our challenges are able to walk for up to 8 hours per day at a moderate pace (5 kilometers per hour /3.1 miles per hour) on flat/easy terrain without becoming breathless whilst being able to hold a conversation. Most of our challenges involve undulating terrain (ups and downs) and therefore having a good level of fitness will ensure you can keep up with the guides and the group and enjoy the experience without feeling exhausted throughout.

Ask: Can I travel on my own?

Answer: Yes. Many of our travelers come on their own, and single travelers are always welcome. We pair up single travelers with the same sex, similar age participants to avoid a single supplement charge. If you wish to have your own room we may be able to provide this at a small surcharge.

Ask: Why should I travel with you?

Answer: As cliched as it sounds, our challenges are life-changing. People return from our trips and leave their jobs for their dream career path, start new relationships, end relationships, get married, sell their home, go traveling and other life-changing things. There are also the little things that people may not realize instantly following their experience, such as having their eyes opened to the poverty in certain parts of the world, or inspiring them to learn a language or learn more about the culture of the country they visit. Some people simply just enjoy a break from the norm and the opportunity to do something a bit different on their holiday. Our trips are fully supported so all you have to do is enjoy the experience so you don’t have to worry about any logistics and can go with the flow. We use local guides to provide you with expert knowledge on the region you are visiting and an insight into the local culture and we always ensure that the local staff are well paid and treated fairly.

if there are other questions, you can immediately ask our staff directly. We are waiting for your tour booking with us, warm greetings.

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