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Cheapest Driver And Car Rental Services In Bandung

Cheapest Driver And Car Rental Services In Bandung

Javatriplus Tour and Transport Package come up with the money for Cheapest Driver And Car Rental Services In Bandung for your trip, subsequent to the make a clean breast of the vehicle,excellent and amenable in accordance once the talent you desire and as well as in the manner of an experienced driver, courteous and fluent in English (if you dependence it )

We have the funds for cars next good conditions for you to use next us in Surabaya and other cities in Indonesia. We don’t gone online taxis which are currently widely comprehensible in every cities in Indonesia, which are not maintained because they are often used by further people who borrow them, our vehicles have been dedicated to bringing tourists who will trip here.


 Cheapest Driver And Car Rental Services In Bandung
Cheapest Driver And Car Rental Services In Bandung

We pay for cars from city car type ( 3 seat ) to Mini-Van Mpv’s ( 19 chair ) those units find the money for for your trip in Bandung or your needs outside the city and Cheapest Driver And Car Rental Services In Bandung

  • Toyota Calya
  • Honda Brio
  • Toyota All New Avanza
  • Honda BRV or Mobilio
  • Toyota Innova Luxury
  • Toyota Alphard
  • Toyota Innova Reborn

We as well as offer mini-van gone Hyundai H1 ( 8 seat ), Toyota Hiace ( 15 chair ), Isuzu elf gruff ( 12 seat ), Isuzu elf long ( 19 seat ) those units provides for your trip.

Toyota Calya City Car 3 Yes Rp400.000
Toyota All New Avanza Mini MPV 5 Yes Rp500.000
Honda BRV or Mobilio Mini MPV 5 Yes Rp500.000
Toyota Grand New Innova Compact MPV 5 Yes Rp600.000
Toyota Innova Reborn Compact MPV 6 Yes Rp700.000
Hyundai H1 Minivan 7 Yes Rp850.000
Toyota Alphard Minivan 7 Yes Rp1.500.000
Toyota Hiace Mini Bus 14 Yes Rp1.200.000
Isuzu Elf Mini Bus 18 Yes Rp1.250.000
Toyota Fortuner SUV 6 Yes Rp2.000.000

Those Cars Including:

  • Cars Use up to 12 hours or up to 23:59 on each rental day, and Use within Bandung Area
  • Driver
  • Fuel

Excluding :

  • Parking outside Tourist Attraction
  • Toll Fee
  • Driver Tip

Do not Apply Those rates in High Session or National/International Holiday


 Cheapest Driver And Car Rental Services In Bandung
Cheapest Driver And Car Rental Services In Bandung

In auxiliary to small cars for private tours, we afterward come up with the money for buses later capacity to proceedings your needs. back rental tourism buses in Bandung, it’s fine if you know the price first. In order to estimate how much it costs to rent a bus. Pick-up will be carried out from the city of Bandung to the entirely destination.

  • Micro Bus 32 seat
  • Medium Bus Capacity 28, 31, 35 Seat.
  • Bus HDD and SHD to 51 Seat

moreover serving tourist bus rental services in Bandung, we after that further the surrounding areas such as Cimahi, Sumedang, Garut, Soreang, Lembang, Padalarang, Cileunyi, Cicalengka, and all areas of Pekalongan, Kota Manna.

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  • Scooter
  • Motocross
  • Big Motorbike
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Bandung Rent Car Service & Private Tour

We are as a consequence an skillful in planning the holiday programs that complement hotel reservation, golf course arrangement, created the private tours and Overland Java – Bali Tours. We guarantee the lowest prices than others.

As one of the best car rental or Cheapest Driver And Car Rental Services In Bandung, we are experienced in serving domestic and foreign customers behind from Beluru, Central Water Catchment and Others Country from Europe and Australia. Our driver has experiences in serving foreign tourist come up with the money for the driver subsequent to English Speaking. We manage to pay for the newest cars to give comfort for concern as without difficulty as travel leisure purposes in Bandung, Indonesia.

Bandung Rent Car Service Quotation

The price of car rental offered varies, starting from Rp. 400,000 for a 12-hour package the tenant can already rent a car for the city. As for the city tour, such as to Lembang and Ciwidey, vehicle rental packages have a minimum rental of 12 hours later than prices starting from Rp. 600,000. The dependence for a 24-hour car rental package can be ordered custom by contacting our customer hold.

For car rental from Bandung to Jakarta, Javatriplus provides these services. For prices drop off to Jakarta depending upon the objective of the rental.

For those of you who are looking for Cheapest Driver And Car Rental Services In Bandung at a low price and 24-hour standby, the in the same way as instruction can support you. Not all car rental companies are always ready at any grow old due to times and productivity considerations. There are companies that lonely support from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. while the proclaim of the needs of people to land transportation called cars often does not know the time alias sudden.

Our Cheapest Driver And Car Rental Services In Bandung all Cars and Motorbike including the driver, parking, and Fuel, Get Quotation or Call us for fast response

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