Bandung Tour Package

Bandung is not just an ordinary city, Bandung is a special city where history and creativity grow in it, Bandung is a long story of friendly people, help each other, respect each others and open to others become part of this city, but Bandung can also be an enemy for outsiders who will destroy the beauty of this city, in the history of the Pasundan kingdom, it is better than the kingdom disappears from the face of the earth than it is occupied by the kingdom of Majapahit. That is the long history of the city dubbed the Paris van java by the world, a Dutch humanist and theologian Martinus Antonius Weselinus Brouwer once wrote “Pasundan Land was created when God being Smiling “, that’s the proof of why up till now Bandung remains a beautiful city that is always missed by the people in the whole world.
Bandung is tea and coffee, Bandung is a romantic nature and culture

Bandung is a shopping and dining paradise, here you can shop cheap and quality goods and eat a million delicious food that you will not meet in your country
Bandung is creativity and beautifully
The people of Bandung always appreciate their visitors
because they are taught to respect each other, respect others and not hurt others if you find people who are otherwise of the above attitude can be ascertained they are not the original person from this city.

Many interesting places to visits to this city, depending on what you like.

an adventure and hike:

  • an adventure in the Juanda Forest THR ( Taman Hutan Raya ) until the forest of Maribaya ( about 7 km ) through the forest
  • Hike from Sunan Ibu until Rengganis Crater ( about 8 km ) through the jungle and tea plantation.
  • Hike from Dago Punclut until Lembang ( about 6 km ) through the hills
  • Hike and Climb to Gunung Hawu Hills ( about 5 km )

Heritage and Culture:

  • Savoy Homann Hotel, the 1st and older Hotel in Bandung
  • Gedung Merdeka also called Asian African museum
  • Villa Isola, used to be the place of the Dutch people live on the weekend to enjoy the view of Bandung
  • Bosscha Observatory, the oldest modern observatory in Indonesia, and one of the oldest in Asia.
  • Gedung Sate, The building that was built in 1920 is still standing firm and functioning as the centre of Bandung city government.
  • Sri Baduga Culture Museum, one of the historical museums in the city of Bandung is full of various collections of inestimable.
  • Tea Factory, One place that can increase your knowledge of Bandung tea.
  • Saung Angklung Udjo is one–stop cultural workshop, consists of the performance venue, a bamboo handicraft centre, and bamboo instrument workshop.
  • Kampung Wayang, One place that can increase your knowledge about making the process of Wayang Golek.

Natural Sightseeing

South Bandung
  • Volcano Tangkuban Parahu
  • Domas Crater
  • Ciater Tea Plantation
  • Curug Sadim
  • Curug Cibareudeuy
  • Lembah Dewata
  • Maribaya
  • Pelangi Waterfall

North Bandung

  • White Crater
  • Rengganis Crater
  • Situ Patenggang
  • Walini Tea Plantation
  • Strawberry Farm
West Bandung
  • Stone Garden
  • Pawon Cave
  • Curug Malela
  • Sanghyang Tikoro
  • Sanghyang Heleut
East Bandung
  • Bukit Moko
  • Teletubbies Hill
  • Curug Cinulang
  • Curug Batu Templek
  • Mount Oray Tapa

Planning your trip in Bandung with us, our Package starting from a day to several days in Bandung that could be customized easily. If you confuse what’s to do in Bandung you could use our Bandung trip itinerary as your reference to do in Bandung Indonesia.

1 Day  Package
This program designed for you that don’t have much time in Bandung. In this package, there is some option destination as your choice. Option 1# a day Bandung volcano tour to visit North Bandung with the main destinations Tangkuban Perahu volcano and nearby while option 2# a day Bandung volcano tour to visit South Bandung with the main destination Kawah Putih Learn More.

2D1N  Package
With this program, you could visit the best destinations trip a both North & South Bandung volcano. Get more information.

3D2N  Package
Bandung as one of the best places to shopping and culinary. In this program, you not only get complete Bandung volcano tour but also getting Bandung city tour furthermore don’t hesitate to contact us to get quotation this package.

4D3N Package
What’s to do in Bandung for 4 days and 3 nights in Bandung? This program suitable for you that want to visit many places of interest in Bandung, for example, visiting the best traditional live music performance, Bandung artworks, Bandung indoor theme park, etc. See for the sample itinerary this package

5D4N package
5 Days 4 Nights package is a complete tour in Bandung Indonesia. In this trip, you will get nature, heritage, Bandung city tour and learn more package

The program Bandung itinerary above could be customized easily for example if you want to more nature less shopping and for more information, our package doesn’t hesitate to contact us.

Bandung Holidays Package

The best Bandung holidays tour package are Bandung golf packages, wherein this tour you could playing golf in the best Bandung golf course after playing golf you could go shopping in the city or enjoying Bandung nights life. Don’t hesitate to contact us if need help to get the suitable Bandung package for you. We could arrange a special itinerary for you if the tour packages that you desired not available in our Bandung tour package. As we said above, we try to satisfy all your wishes for a vacation in Bandung.