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Volcano Tour Package In Bandung

Bandung volcano tour package is one our Bandung package that could be the best choice for you that loving natural & beautiful landscape.

In the Bandung volcano package, you not only get a trip to the most famous natural tourist attraction at North Bandung and South Bandung but also shopping at some factory outlets in the central of Bandung. The main destination trip at North Bandung to visit Tangkuban Perahu volcano where you could enjoy beautiful crater direct from the top area while at South Bandung the main destination to Kawah Putih (White Crater) where you could enjoy the crater with very close distance. Beside getting volcano trip you could go to natural tourist attractions that located nearby and for the sample itinerary Bandung volcano package below.

Volcano Package Itinerary

Here for the sample of Bandung volcano package were in this trip package including car, driver, driver meals, fuel/petrol, parking outside tourist attractions gate, private tour. Please let us know if you want to including our Bandung volcano package.

North Bandung Tour Itinerary

  • Pick up at hotel /  Bandung airport / anywhere in the city in the morning
  • Visiting Dusun Bambu Family Leisure Park
  • Visiting Tangkuban Perahu Volcano Tour
  • Visiting lembang tea fabric (optional tentative) / Ciater hot springs
  • Visiting Floating Market Lembang
  • Shopping at Factory outlets (tentative time)
  • Back to hotel
bandung volcano tour

South Bandung Itinerary

  • Pick up at hotel /  Bandung airport / anywhere in the city in the morning
  • Visiting Kawah Putih / White Crater where the main spot located about 5 km from the main gate
  • Visiting Glamping lakeside to enjoy the beautiful Patenggang lake
  • Visiting Kawah Rengganis / Rengganis crater
  • Visiting Ranca Bali Tea Plantations and please ask our driver during the trip if you want to stop in this place
  • Visiting Strawberry Farm (optional)
  • Shopping at Cibaduyut leather market where you could buy the local product from leather material like shoes, bags, jackets, etc.
  • Back to hotel
bandung volcano tour kawah putih

Our Volcano package sample itinerary above could be changed easily if you want to skip one or more tourist attractions in the itinerary. Please let us we know if there is any request for your Bandung volcano tour package to get a memorable trip in Bandung Indonesia.

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