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Bandung Trekking Tour

Bandung Trekking Tour

bandung trekking track
Bandung trekking track in the forests around Bandung

Bandung tour package has a several Bandung trekking tour which is very interesting to go through for those of you who love natural scenery by walk, one of which is the trekking route of the Maribaya forest through into the Djuanda forest.

Bandung trekking tour

Entering this trekking track, you will go through several waterfalls, ancient caves and will also find dozens of protected wildlife. to enter this place you only have to pay Rp.50,000, you can also use a local guide if you need it. But you don’t need to worry because in this Forest there are many road signs so you won’t get lost, also the signal for mobile phones is still strong if you need an emergency call in there. This forest used to be the hiding place of the Dutch soldiers during World War 2, so inside there you will find Dutch caves and Japan Cave which until now are still being treated by the Government of Indonesia, besides the pristine forests which are still natural This forest is also a special attraction for you who like trekking with Bandung tour itinerary.
You can do a tour like this in one day tour in Bandung, you have to do a 6 km walk through the forest, for about 1.5 hours

The second option is the Trekking Track to the top of Mount Hawu, this place presents a beautiful place to wait for sunrise, a 5Km uphill path should you start from 5 am to reach the summit it takes 1 hour to reach the summit of Mount Hawu. For entrance fees to date still being released by the local government, maybe you will only be charged the cost of parking the vehicle at the bottom, in this place you are required to use local guide services because of the dangerous trajectory.

The third option is the trekking path to the Domas crater, this track is just below the Tangkuban Parahu mountain and one of the mountains as active volcanoes in Bandung, unfortunately this area is a commercial area so foreign tourists have been reluctant to come to this place since being taken over by the private company, the domes crater track has a length of 2 km through protected wild forest, if you are lucky to find some endangered species inside, this crater still has hot water in which you can boil eggs in just one minute and in some other places you can just soak your feet in warm water after you walk there, it will be a new experience for those of you who have never done it before.

The fourth option is the trekking path to the Rengganis crater from the white crater, this track is very far and will take a long time, but for those of you who like trekking it will be a pleasant experience, along the 8 km journey you will be treated to green scenery from the Rancabali tea plantation this vast and beautiful. This trekking starts after you visit the famous white crater by paying Rp. 75,000 and an Rp. 15,000 shuttle to the top Mountain of White crater.
from the white Crater, you walk to the area of Sunan Ibu and continue the trekking journey to the Rengganis crater, similar to Domas Crater, this crater also has a source of hot water flowing from its rivers, you can soak there and get interesting experiences there.

Bandung Trekking Itinerary

Bandung Trekking track above are some examples of trekking that you can do in Bandung besides other places of interest for your trekking trip. You can choose the trekking area to your liking in the Bandung tour and travel, we are happy to provide the best recommendations for you.

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Bandung has several trekking track tour trails which are very interesting to go through for those of you who love natural scenery by walk