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About Javatriplus Tour and Travel

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“Javatriplus is a Tour and Travel that fully committed to our guest service, courtesy, friendliness and honesty is our main capital in serving all the guests who come to us, otherwise we also try to help all your interests in terms of your holiday travel in Indonesia.

Indonesia Generally and Bandung in particular, we do not only serve guests for a vacation in one city, but we can take you to several cities in java to Balinese island and Lombok island.

The Indonesia combination trips below are examples of trips and routes that we ourselves find very beautiful. It is of course always possible to let us adopt these trips to your wishes.

At Javatriplus you can combine the different islands in Indonesia, for example, a tour of Bali and Java or traveling on Sumatra and Sulawesi.

Be inspired by the following offer of a combination round trip in Indonesia.

With tour guide and experienced driver who can speak English, Dutch and French, with all the capital we would like to bring you to explore the natural wonders of Indonesia that you want to visit easily so that your trip will not be forgotten”.

Danial – Founder of Javatriplus Tour And Travel

Our Team

Indonesia Adventure

“With the experience from 1980, we realize that the work of accompanying the guests has become an unattended life for us, taking responsibility, keeping and making every guest satisfied is the goal of our work.

We are aware of the area’s mastery and communication is very important to us so that guests are not trapped in the boredom of traffic on this island of Java, we will always be there for every of our guests.”

Benny Sutrisno – Senior Guide of Javatriplus


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“Discuss your trip with our team, and we will give you convenience for all your trips in Indonesia with us. You can choose the Bandung Tour Package, Bali Package, Yogya Package, Malang and also Lombok Tour Package with us.

Thatie Oey – Marketing Director of Javatriplus.com

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Some Words From Our Customers

Customer holland overland

“We had a great trip to Java. With special thanks to Javatriplus. Great guide and driver with a lot of humor. We have seen every known highlight of Java.

Besides, he did some research on unknown highlights to explore them together. He also had great recommendations for restaurants.

We had a very special holiday with an awesome guide and a new friend. Thanks a lot!”
-Jeroen Van Roosmalen from Holland-

“Our trip in Bandung sailed smooth, I and my three daughters experienced no difficulties, thanks to our guide.

He responded to our requests well and even recommended better places to see. As a tourist who takes lots of photos, it takes a while to move to another spot, but the guide showed no signs of impatience but, instead, was really cool about it.

I would definitely give a 5-star rating for the great service!”
-Sherfa Asri Lim from Philippine-

Customer Holland

“Thank you for the great trip! We Loved it.”
Richard Blokland from Amsterdam-

bandung volcano tour

“Our group of 10 arrived in Bandung ready for our shopping and feasting! We booked the transport services of Javatriplus for our 4D/3N stay from May 14-17.

From the airport to our hotel and throughout our stay, we thoroughly enjoyed the cool comfort of the MPV, the sumptuous recommendations for local favorites and even a good massage spa to ease our tiredness from our endless shopping sprees!!” Mr. Ted Cheong from Malaysia-

Fahmee Customer Malaysia

Terima kasih Javatriplus…Layanan dan Perkhidmatan terbaik…
M Fahmee from Malaysia-

Thank you Java Triplus. We had a great time in Bandung.

Extending thanks to Driver also for being a great guide and for keeping us safe. Till next time, Rating it 10.
Saima P Daud from Philippine-