Bandung Shopping Tour

Quality Fabric Tours

Bandung was born with its natural beauty and it is the cause of the beauty of the city and its people also so that the reason the tourists want to come to Bandung. in addition to natural factors are also due to the factor of his society is fashionable, so it is not wrong if the former world community call bandung is “Parisj van Java”, this also makes the city of Bandung as a shopping city in Indonesia, in addition to very many factories in Bandung bandung, also accompanied with the creative fashion artists here, making bandung as a shopping destination for migrants.
if you come to Bandung is very obliged to go to the fabric shop which has long producing quality fabrics, it is very much a fabric shop in Bandung but the quality is only a few in Bandung, one of them is a chand group that has been decades of managing the textile factory and produce various high-quality fabrics, there you will be served by friendly staff and at reasonable prices.

Drive to the centre of Bandung and visit a few famous shopping centre in Bandung like Pasar Baru trading centre, Parijs Van Java Mall, Cihampelas Jeans and T’shirt, Cibaduyut Leather centre, you also can visit the factory outlets in a few area in Bandung.

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