Bandung Car Rental Services

Bandung Car Rental Services

Are you looking for Bandung car rental service? Whether you’re staying in Bandung or other areas, our flexibility and personalized service cater to the needs of all customers. If you could rent a car to pick up and drop off you at Bandung airport or Jakarta airport to avoid some taxi or other scams besides that we have many vehicles types so you could the best choice vehicle according to the number of the person in your group.

We provide cars from 4 seats up to 60 seats for group trips according to the amount you want, our drivers are also used to serving guests from outside Indonesia and long trips in Java to Bali or Sumatra.

We also serve car rental for your work or business trip with the choice of cars that you think are suitable for your needs.

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Why you should use Bandung car rental services?

  • have own vehicle so we could make sure that all our vehicles have a good condition before using our customers. And we always provide a useful backup vehicle if something unexpected happens during the use of our service.
  • All our vehicle have air condition as a standard tour in travel beside that we have a multilanguage driver to speak English, Malaysian and Indonesia to could help you during with us.
  • We have experience handling both foreign and local tourist furthermore we also providing car rental with the service Java overland travel from Jakarta until Bali island so we could help you arrange the tours if needed as transport solution during the journey from one city to other.
  • Affordable price for Bandung car rental service inclusive car, driver, fuel/petrol, toll road fee etc with additional Java island overland tour from Jakarta until Bali island.

Your holiday trip will feel comfortable if handled by experienced staff, you don’t need to worry about the condition of the vehicle or get lost on the road, because our drivers and staff already have a dozen years of experience in serving guests, both in Bandung, Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Banyuwangi and Bali

You can discuss the wishes of your trip with us and we will serve in 24 hours for you so that all your wishes can be fulfilled during your trip to Indonesia later. In car rental services in Bandung, we are already well known by tourists because our cars are well maintained and we always pay attention to their maintenance before and after the car is used.

For more scheduling and price don’t hesitate to contact us to get the best price for Bandung car rental service

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